Day 8 – Rest

Steve’s parents were kind enough to head over here early on this Memorial Day in hopes of getting the walls up. Unfortunately the weather gods did not cooperate – the rain moved in earlier than expected and the wind kicked up. So I made cherry cobbler and we took a day of rest. This is definitely a 2 week project. If we didn’t have 3 days of rain we may have had the roof up, but we still wouldn’t have been done. We plan on inviting family over next weekend and having a coop raising.

The chicks are now 6 weeks old and were definitely feeling “cooped up” in their brooder. This afternoon I expanded their inside digs and Steve made them some additional mini-roosts with scrap wood. I think they are pretty happy with the situation.

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When we were researching the breeds, prior to their arrival, I read that Plymouth Barred Rocks can be pushy. The article I read spoke about mixed flocks and how Buff Orpingtons are often at the bottom of the totem pole due to their mellow demeanor. It warned that in a mixed flock a Plymouth Barred Rock may harass the orpingtons. Imagine my surprise to witness the Easter Egger harassing the Orpingtons and the Little Brahma! Who knew. No variety is immune to producing a bully!

We are hopeful that with the teenager brooder and going outside soon, Charlotte (the EE) will chill out and stop being a bully.


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