Day 3 – Trees, Sanding, and Foundation

Day three was productive, although I still feel like we are behind. Building the foundation is brutal. It rained Monday night, so the yard was damp on Tuesday. We realized that where we decided to put the coop wasn’t drying as quickly as the rest of the yard due to a decent sized, young maple tree. We decided before we went any further we had to take the maple down.

FullSizeRender (1)

Then we needed to clean up the debris! Since we just got our yard cleared of last year’s burning, I think we will rent a wood chipper or hire a landscape company to chip this tree.


Fortunately, the tree did not land on the survey lines. We chopped up the tree into big  logs and cleared our work area.

Steve spent the rest of the day digging holes and leveling foundation blocks while I sanded wood.  We wrapped up at about 7:30 knowing it would rain today and we would have to be a bit lazy.


To be respectful of the Garden Loft creator, I will be limiting the photos posted of the coop’s construction. If you like the final product, please go buy the plans!



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