Day 2 – Wiggle Waggle

Yesterday we spent a lot of the time running around acquiring materials and waiting for materials to be dropped off.

We rented a truck in order to pick up the concrete blocks, hardware cloth, and 12′ SunTuff roofing. Unfortunately, the truck was 10′ and the SunTuff is 12′, so the roofing materials will be delivered on Thursday. We had 3 tons of gravel dropped by a local landscape company and hit Tractor Supply for our hardware cloth.

We were able to start digging the corners of the foundation mid-afternoon. It is going to be pretty heavy work, but we should be able to complete the coop over the weekend.

Behold, our first corner! We will use construction adhesive to set the cap stone.


After Steve set the second corner, we were really pleased with how level the line is. This is of course due to the wiggle waggle. Steve coined this phrase “wiggle waggle” to address all the micro adjustments that need to happen when setting a foundation like this. It is a constant process of refinement.


Today we will be continuing the foundation and staining the wood. It looks like we will escape the rain today and I have a tent we can work under tomorrow if showers start.


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