Planning the Coop

After a lot of discussion and many different ideas, we decided to build our own coop. We spent a lot of time looking at pre-fabricated coops and custom coops (Coops for a Cause). We decided the pleasure we would get from building our own coop was worth the work and took the last week of May off to complete the task.

There are a lot of free plans available on the web, but there was nothing quite like what we wanted. We wanted a coop that was fully enclosed, spacious, and easy to clean. We are starting with 6 chicks, but we may add to the flock. Planning for a larger flock ensures you have enough space and don’t have to build a second coop down the road.

In our googling we stumbled across the Garden Coop website. Score! This website has multiple sizes of coops and complete sets of plans and instructions available for purchase. In addition, you can order the hardware for the coop pre-packaged by John (the owner). This addressed a lot of issues for us.

We decided to go with the Garden Loft coop. This coop can technically hold 16 birds, but it also fits the requirements of our chicken lady’s recommendation of an 8′ x 10′ run. The coop/run footprint is 11.5′ x 9′. Our town requires a building permit for outbuildings that exceed 200 square feet. This coop, roughly 103 square feet, allows us to build without going through the permit process at town hall.

We are really pleased with the coop plans. The booklet is 90 pages and contains every detail you need to build your coop, from site selection to foundation to structure and roofing.


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